How to translate into English / 中文翻譯

Hello. Thank you for visiting my weblog!

This is nenemama, living in Taichung, Taiwan with my husband and 3 children since 2017.

In my weblog, I mainly put articles about how to travel in Taiwan and live in Taichung with children in Japanese.

Please use “Google Translate” function from the footer of this weblog if you would like to read them in Enlgish.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.



大家好! 我是nenemama, 從2017年跟我先生和3個孩子一起住在台中.

我博客裡, 我用日文寫我們的台灣旅行還有台中生活.

如果你想用中文看我的博客, 請用下面頁腳的”Google Translate”.



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